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Glee Renewal

Posted: April 19, 2013 in entertainment buzz

This just in….after talks of whether Glee would go on or not, Glee is green lighted for not one but two seasons! So they have another two years! Fox is thrilled to have them for two more years.

Glee has brought so much joy and chatter into our lives for the past few years. Does Ryan Murphy and Glee have it in them to give us some Glee for two more years??
Idk about you but my Glee crew will be watching two more years. Complaining, chatting, laughing, drinking and eating while we talk about what songs we want from that weeks episode even if the episode sucked!

Pitch Perfect 2

Posted: April 18, 2013 in entertainment buzz
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I have Aca-Mazing news! Pitch Perfect 2 is coming to theaters in 2015.


US Magazine has confirmed that the already cult-classic Pitch Perfect that starred Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin and Rebel Wilson was such a hit and not just another try at making money off Glee popularity is going to deliver us a sequel. News so far is the original cast will be reuniting for the film.


I remember all my friends as well as myself who had seen the first installment was very surprised at how good it was. We walked in hoping for the best, not knowing what to expect. It exceeded our expectations. The movie is witty, funny and the music is Aca-awesome!

I’m sure we all can’t wait til 2015 now. Good things come to those who wait!
Drop some comments on what you think about Pitch Perfect 2 being made and coming to theaters in 2015!

Katey Sagal has been tapped to portray Artie’s mother on Glee. It took 4 seasons to introduce his mother. For most of us the length of time doesn’t matter, Katey is a super star and we are all going to be super attentive watching scenes between the onscreen mother and son. For the Artie lovers out there, this is huge news.


Look to meet Mrs Abrams real soon!

Oxygen will be likely forced to shelve the next season of Glee Project temporarily or dump it altogether.

Oxygen has decided to not comment. Though sources confirm that a number of factors have gone into this decision. Unfortunately for us Gleeks, one reason is notably that Glee itself has yet to be renewed. Negotiations between Fox and 20th TV continue to decide the fate of a fifth season of Glee. Sources say things may not be confirmed until the final moment.


This just made our world a better place! The cast of Pitch Perfect will be reuniting at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.


They will be performing the opening number with host and fellow co-star, Rebel Wilson! Prepare to catch Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin and the rest of the group do a riff-off Esque mash up performance of all the songs from the movie.

I’m going to finish him like a cheesecake

Remember that laughter you had watching Fat Amy say that!

The movie that is already a -cult classic-also is nominated for four MTV Movie Awards: Best Female, Best Breakthrough Performance, Best Musical Moment and Best WTF Moment.

Whose ready to watch the Barden Bellas and Trebelmakers go at it!!

I remember being bullied growing up. It dates back to when I was in grade school. I have always been gay which makes me different and children can be very mean. I recall the words fag and faggot being tossed around back when all I did was hang out with girls so that provoked name calling and ridicule. I was never a fighter. I found it very hard to fight back. I think one day I threw my book on the concrete ground in retaliation of being bullied. Yeah douchebag, that will teach you…I bet my book hurt you really bad seeing how its on the ground! Seriously! What was I thinking? I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I was scared. I should have clobbered him with the textbook. Textbooks can hurt! I was mostly scared but I was taught not to resort to violence either. Now I look back, I really wish I was taught violence is okay in self-defense.
The anti-gay bullying and name calling only got worse as I got older. In junior high, I was being called fag, sissy, faggot, pussy and many slurs. I was being chased, kicked, shoved, and pushed around. It was always the same reasons. I was gay. I hung out with girls and I was not having sex with them. For me, part of me wants to believe that I was strong mentally to endure the anti-gay bullying without having a meltdown, but I also feel I had and still have a strong set of friends who have always been accepting of me. My best friends back in junior high stuck up for me, maybe not with fists, but with words and getting involved in some way. They somehow stepped up each and every time that they were around witnessing anti-gay bullying. Back then I felt helpless, but I also was ashamed because I had females fighting my battles which added to my frustrations. I was truly thankful for them though, still am. I look back now and I thank heaven that they stepped up when they did. I used to have to find alternative routes home just to avoid bullying. Obviously, I was not as strong as I’d like to believe. I was very weak, emotional and fragile when it came to bullying. It had a negative impact on my confidence and self esteem.

Last week, Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14 year old boy from Buffalo, NY who identified himself as bisexual hung himself in front of his parents home. Jamey endured anti-gay bullying similar to mine, as well as, many teens of the LGBT community. When in junior high, the anti-gay bullying resulted in Jamey blogging about it on his blogging accounts. He talked about being bullied and suicide on his tumblr account. On You Tube, he seemed happy and full of sunshine. He talked of Lady Gaga who was his idol because she says we were, “Born This Way”.

Towards the end of junior high, he put on his poker face and made it appear that things were getting better. He was appearing as if he embraced his differences and his sexuality. He even did a you tube video for the “It Gets Better” project founded by gay activist and journalist, Dan Savage. In the video he talks about loving oneself and overcoming anti-gay bullying. Three weeks into high school on September 18th, he took his own life.

It brings me great sadness that such a handsome and vibrant young boy fell prey to the hurtful words of others. He was trying his hardest to overcome it. His message still rings true, “It gets better, in time”. Somewhere inside of him he lost faith in his own message due to ongoing bullying that became too much. He had a light around him and was taken from us too soon. He would have done many great things.

I’m 34 years old now, a long way from those bullying days in grade school. It got better over time! I am fortunate to have survived such hatred and ignorance. Bullying in every form especially anti-gay bullying needs to stop. How many young boys and girls have to die? Why do teens have to find different ways home? Why do they have to suffer everyday making life that much more unbearable? When will people listen and realize we all are different but we are all human? Did you go through bullying growing up? How did it affect you? Did you know someone else who endured such ignorance? Tell me your story!

In Memory of Jamey Rodemeyer
Paws Up!!

Hello in there.. Hello.

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Blah

Ever wonder what its going to feel like when you get to the age of your parent or grandparent whose living past their golden years? I often wonder how I will handle old age. How I will handle the feeling of feeling alone!

Getting older is an awesome journey, yes. Developing the wrinkles over time showing you, “yeah Ive been there..Ive done that!” Having had the successes and the tragedies book marking places in time for you. Remembering the many things that have molded you into whom you are making you laugh and cry just the same. Ever hear an elderly person tell you one of their many stories that are there to tell? Where you can literally cling to every word and sometimes wish you could have lived the life they led? Now take a second to think of that elderly person not having anyone in their life, no family, nor friends. Nobody to listen to their great stories!

Most of us will walk past an elderly lonely person and not think twice. All we ever really seem to think about is whats right in front of us, in front of our eyes at the moment being we all feel we live such crazy lives. I tend to differ from society’s norm. I walk past and I think of my parents for when they get there. I even think of myself getting there and I often feel a wave of sadness come over me.

I recently was in a retirement home and the layout reminds me too much of a hospital. Doesn’t feel like home to me…it definitely must not to the residents. For most, its a necessity to be there. I was there visiting someone, fortunately that someone has a lot of love in their life and people to tell their stories to. I’m sure for many there, it is what it is. They don’t have anyone at all. Who listens to their stories? I walked through these halls and my heart just hurt. I immediately felt alone for most of them.

Outside of that experience in the retirement home, I have past the elderly sitting on benches staring off into the unknown just within my neighborhood. I sometimes have said hello and other times have not. The times I have not are days I feel bad because I wonder if my one hello would have made a difference in their day.

What are your thoughts and feelings? Do you have family at this stage of life? Have you walked past an elderly person and not glanced their way? A favorite of mine, the Divine Miss M says exactly how I feel!…It was my dad who turned me onto Bette Midler when I was younger and who knows, maybe that’s where my passion for the arts started, but anyhow, have a listen before you share your thoughts on this subject!

Is there true love anymore? What is the definition of true love? Is it truly different for each person, like we all come in different shapes and sizes, does love come in different shapes and sizes as well?

I came across a new group of would be friends the other night. A very friendly bunch. Maybe too friendly?

Out of the bunch, a couple stands out in my mind. I always tend to do it so why stop now. I analyze them in my mind. They are a gay male couple probably in their late 40s. They have been together for over 5 years. I did not get an actual number. They are planning their wedding slated to take place this month. Yeah, a happy occasion! In my mind, I’d believe they are so much in love and elated for this day to come of their nuptials. I mean why else plan a marriage?

Enter another gay male of the group whose already friends with said couple. He is basically being fondled by both guys at different times. It is said its all just in fun. Granted the bride to be is a bit tipsy from the vodka that’s stashed under the table that a bunch of them have been swigging at times, but that shouldn’t be excuse to feel another man up? Right in front of your fiance? Why, because the fiance equally does this at times as well? The bride keeps insinuating to the guy being felt up that he will go downtown on him. Of course, it wasn’t really said that way. Said guy obviously likes the attention or he would say stop. He could walk by once and get his ass pinched, walk a different way and get his junk grabbed. Seriously!

Maybe they’re in one of them open relationships? Maybe they want to have a third in bed before said wedding? Or maybe they are totally unlike me and they feel a grope here and there is innocent enough?

Unless I get to know them better and either get personal for my own curiosities or have the reporter instinct come out of me and put them through an interview process..I shall never know the truth!

Regardless their reasoning which mind you is totally their business, how is this couple getting married really in love? To what degree? Is it true love? By their standards? Are their standards wrong? Are my standards wrong? I could never see another man touch my man anywhere. Plus he would have the whole night of being annoyed by me if he ever said any sexually flirting words to another man, days before our wedding or not! Are my standards of love right or wrong? So many questions! Do you give this couple a or

If you are or have been in this situation, know someone in the situation or feel you can offer your feedback and maybe shed some light in the area, please leave me comments. I’d love to hear them. Is this true love to you? What is true love to you?