The time is now….

I am nearly a 35 yr old man who has many passions. Most of them are creative. I have let life and others be my compass through life. I just cant do this anymore. WE have one life to live. I am very tired of living a mundane existence or so it feels. I know I am an above average person so why am I leading an average life? Why am I struggling to make bills like everyone else when I really do not even like the daily grind? I like getting up every morning to see a new day. I enjoy my family and really close friends that truly add to my life, but it just is not enough anymore. I have been thinking this way for some time with no oomph to push myself in a direction to healing my inner  self. It took some young friends with mouth pieces that are not censored, thoughts beyond control and hearts as huge as a kingdom that have helped me start a new path just by crossing their paths.

I woke up this morning. Made a pot of coffee and started reading a friends blog that has opened my mind a lot more than it has been for quite some time. I work a job that is a daily grind. Its an awesome job and I make good money but it doesn’t completely fulfill me. I have always had passions that have something to do with a creativity aspect and would fulfill my hearts content while making me happy to see changes in other peoples lives. Being able to motivate others and inspire them to REALLY FEEL or ACT on those feelings is whats important to me. I lose that creative part of myself doing the daily grind. I have to make a choice. Leave or stay with the promise that I allot myself to pursue other avenues that involve my passions with the hopes of one day feeling completely fulfilled. I want this to be the first day of my transformation. I want to see myself conquer fears, establish new relationships that are only positive, write about anything and everything, inspire others with my words and or my experiences…one day have a career that helps me reach others and allow me to be creative while having the time to really enjoy what life offers us all.

Career Paths I can take if chosen:

  1. Journalist/Novelist/Blogger/Columnist
  2. Personal trainer
  3. Public Relations
  4. English teacher

Lets see if I end up with any of these career choices and live that life!


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