Hello in there.. Hello.

Ever wonder what its going to feel like when you get to the age of your parent or grandparent whose living past their golden years? I often wonder how I will handle old age. How I will handle the feeling of feeling alone!

Getting older is an awesome journey, yes. Developing the wrinkles over time showing you, “yeah Ive been there..Ive done that!” Having had the successes and the tragedies book marking places in time for you. Remembering the many things that have molded you into whom you are making you laugh and cry just the same. Ever hear an elderly person tell you one of their many stories that are there to tell? Where you can literally cling to every word and sometimes wish you could have lived the life they led? Now take a second to think of that elderly person not having anyone in their life, no family, nor friends. Nobody to listen to their great stories!

Most of us will walk past an elderly lonely person and not think twice. All we ever really seem to think about is whats right in front of us, in front of our eyes at the moment being we all feel we live such crazy lives. I tend to differ from society’s norm. I walk past and I think of my parents for when they get there. I even think of myself getting there and I often feel a wave of sadness come over me.

I recently was in a retirement home and the layout reminds me too much of a hospital. Doesn’t feel like home to me…it definitely must not to the residents. For most, its a necessity to be there. I was there visiting someone, fortunately that someone has a lot of love in their life and people to tell their stories to. I’m sure for many there, it is what it is. They don’t have anyone at all. Who listens to their stories? I walked through these halls and my heart just hurt. I immediately felt alone for most of them.

Outside of that experience in the retirement home, I have past the elderly sitting on benches staring off into the unknown just within my neighborhood. I sometimes have said hello and other times have not. The times I have not are days I feel bad because I wonder if my one hello would have made a difference in their day.

What are your thoughts and feelings? Do you have family at this stage of life? Have you walked past an elderly person and not glanced their way? A favorite of mine, the Divine Miss M says exactly how I feel!…It was my dad who turned me onto Bette Midler when I was younger and who knows, maybe that’s where my passion for the arts started, but anyhow, have a listen before you share your thoughts on this subject!


4 thoughts on “Hello in there.. Hello.

  1. I am in love with the elderly.
    They usually are so cute and simple. At least those I know.
    They have much to teach us and few are capable to see or have time to pay attention to them.
    Some of them are our family. Mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers who have done so much for us and sometimes are left in nursing homes.
    Our greatest living legacy deserves our respect and support because we are part of them.
    Each piece made ​​by their love.

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